Have you visited the Wargaming Glossary lately?

We’ve been quietly adding terms, a few at a time, to our Wargaming Glossary Page. At the time of this writing, the glossary defines more than 80 terms related to wargaming, military tactics, and military history! Please take a look at the page, and if we’re missing any definitions you think are important, please let us know in the comments!

Wargaming Glossary page added

Like any hobby, miniature wargaming has its jargon. That jargon can make our games sound more complicated than they actually are, and may be a turn-off to potential new players. For this reason, we’ve added a Wargaming Glossary to our pages, as a reference for people new to this type of gaming. Apart from the link just posted, the page can also be accessed from the link across the top of the page or through the navbar to the right.

We’ve started with only 20 terms, but will continue to add terms as time passes. Have an idea for a term we haven’t defined yet? Tell us in the comments!