Review: The Games of War by John Bobek

GoWReleased in 2007, John Bobek’s The Games of War is a comprehensive collection of more than 30 individual wargame rule sets, with ground battles ranging in scale from 2mm to 54mm, along with air and naval rules. Historical periods covered range from ancients through futuristic space combats. The book also includes a set of overall judge’s guidelines, a glossary of wargaming terminology, numerous period-specific bibliographies, and a rare outline of how World War II armies were commanded, supplied, and equipped.

The text retails new at $25 to $30 U.S., with some used copies priced as low as a third of that figure.

On the whole, the rules are of moderate complexity; nothing as simplistic as many of the free rules sets available, but nowhere near as complex as Advanced Squad Leader or even Bolt Action. The rules are d6-based, were heavily play-tested by the author, his friends, and his students, and are very well balanced. The layout of the book, however, leaves so much to be desired that we don’t recommend paying retail price for the text.

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