Little Wars Revisited: 54mm Discussion Board

While searching the Internet for like-minded souls, I happened across this page:

Little Wars Revisited

It’s a discussion forum for all things 54mm wargaming, with periods ranging from the Ancients through futuristic Combat. I haven’t finished reading through everything on the site yet, but there appears to be a few house variantsĀ of Little Wars by H.G. Wells, as well as discussion of The Portable Wargame by the distinguished Bob Cordery. There is also an exhaustive list of 54mm wargaming resources worth bookmarking, even if you never plan to post a single thought to the boards.

The discussion board is still gaining traction, so please consider stopping by to register and get in on the conversation.

Free Download: Little Wars by H.G. Wells

Little WarsHere it is, folks – the book that arguably started it all, by Science fiction Author H.G. Wells, best known for authoring the War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, and The Time Machine. It is less well-known that Wells was a pioneer in miniature wargaming and terrain, and you can get an electronic transcript of his rule set from more than 100 years ago by clicking here.

You can also access this file, and many other free resources, on our Downloads Page.

If you give these rules a try, let us know how your battle went in the comments section.