Video Review: Ninjas vs. Pirates Battle Figures Set

We’ve added another unboxing/review video to the Army Men Wargaming YouTube Channel! This clip is a close look at the Ninjas vs. Pirates Battle Figures Set by Imperial Toy, LLC. While not exactly the first image that comes to mind when thinking of Army Men, there are some quality sculpts in this 90-figure, 54mm set, which retails at $3 to $6 U.S.

Budget Battle, a free, downloadable rule wargame set designed specifically for these sets, is reviewed here. We designed a set of print-and-play tokens for Budget Battle, which are available for free download here.

If you play this game and determine a victor in the Pirates Vs. Ninjas saga, please tell us about it in the comments!

Free Download: Tokens for Phil West’s ‘Budget Battle’

The action-packed 'Moved and Shot' token.
The action-packed ‘Moved and Shot’ token.

One of the suggestions made during yesterday’s review of Phil West’s Budget Battle wargame rules was that the game would play more smoothly if there was a set of tokens to identify units that have already acted during a turn.

Since we plan on doing a Pirates vs. Ninjas battle report using these rules in the near future, we thought we may as well go ahead and design those tokens, which can be downloaded here, or through our Free Downloads Page.

Most of the tokens are round, and one inch across. They can be cut out with scissors or, with minimal investment, punched out with a 1″ round scrapbooking punch. We often buy 1-1/4″ steel washers, then attach our paper tokens to the washers with glue sticks for long-term durability.

The tokens represent figures that have already moved, already shot, or already moved and shot during a turn, as well as tokens that identify pirate figures that carry grenades or ninja figures who are considered hidden. The second page features a cut-out template that accurately depicts a flamethrower’s arc of fire, so it is easy to see which enemies nay be affected.

Did we leave any token concepts out of our design? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll update the document!

Review and free download: Budget Battle

Budget Battle was designed specifically for play sets like this one.
Budget Battle was designed specifically for play sets like this one.

There are dozens of wargaming rule sets that could make use of army men as miniatures, and Budget Battle is a fine example. The rules, drafted by Phil West (free download here), are a mere six pages in length. They were prepared for use with any of the numerous play sets available in 54mm/2-inch “army men” scale, containing two separate forces – forces which don’t always include army men. As examples, the author cites sets labeled Army Men vs. Cavemen, or Pirates vs. Ninjas.


Enough 54mm figures to form two sides, a handful of six-sided dice, a tape measure or ruler

Army Building

No rules are provided for army building; there are no point values or limitations on how many of a certain type of figure may be present in a squad or on the battlefield. Since the rules clearly state that they are designed for use with a specific type of play set that includes two separate forces, the implication seems to be that the players will empty the canister of troops and start the battle with whatever is inside.

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