Review and free download: Guns ‘n Grenades, v. 1.5

A new edition of Guns n’ Grenades was recently released by Journey Begins Games, and authors Josh Willaims and Caleb Payne revised the rules into a simpler, streamlined game with a great deal of flexibility. The game is a tactical level, turn-based, miniature wargame designed for 54 mm scale. The best part is that the new edition is available as a free download!

The combat mechanics are simple. The attacker rolls a six-sided die and adds an attack bonus, while the defender rolls a six-sided die and adds a defense bonus; if the attacker’s modified score is higher than the defender’s, a hit is scored on the defender.

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Review: Guns ‘n Grenades

Guns_Grenades_CoverEditor’s note: the designers of this game have released a v. 1.5 of these rules, which we recommend. You can read the latest review here. In addition, the designers have chosen to make the current rule set available as a free download! You can download those rules here.


Guns ‘n Grenades is a downloadable, tactical rule set for wargaming with 54mm plastic army men, retailing for $1 U.S. The rules are simple – only 11 pages in length, including numerous illustrations – but they make for a quick and cheap game.

The mechanics are easy enough; roll one six-sided die, add your attack or defense modifier (depending on what your troops are doing), and compare it with your opponent’s score. If the attack roll is higher than the defense roll, a hit is scored.

Soldiers each have four stages of life in this game: healthy, wounded, bloodied, and dead. When a soldier is hit, he usually loses one stage. The authors recommend using slips of paper to identify wounded or bloodied targets.

Plastic soldiers are divided into types, based upon the way they are sculpted. For example, a figure holding an assault rifle is a common rifleman, while any figure aiming down the sights of his weapon is considered a sniper. The authors even found a use for that officer-style pose with the pointing arm – they are scouts. There is a total of nine soldier types.

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