Tutorial: Re-purposing a Toy Truck for Wargaming, Part I: Concept and Modifications

We’ve uploaded another tutorial, this time as an attempt to turn the ECCVALEV mystery vehicle into something workable for 54mm wargaming. Part 2 should be up in a few days. Until then, happy viewing!

Tutorial: Making Wargame Terrain from Broken Toys, Part 6

Part six is completed and published online! You can view it here:

We’ve also placed all six parts into a complete playlist, here:

Happy viewing! If you try any of these techniques while making your own terrain, please consider placing pictures or links in the comment fields below.

Tutorial: Making Wargame Terrain from Broken Toys, Part 4

Part four is finished and online, and the work on our jeep wreck continues! In this part, we finish up the shading and drybrushing, in preparation for adding rust effects. Part five is in production, and we’ll have that posted in about three days. In the meantime, happy viewing!

Tutorial: Making Wargame Terrain from Broken Toys, Part 3

Part three is finished and published, and the work on our jeep wreck continues! We prepare our model with an undercoat of black primer, add base colors to most surfaces, shade those areas with washes of diluted paint, then use a drybrushing technique to bring out highlights.

Army Men Wargaming launches YouTube channel

One of the intended focal points of this blog is providing tutorials on how to make wargaming terrain. Many wargaming blogs ably accomplish this with photo tutorials, and we may do some of those here, but it can be argued that watching a video of the process with commentary is an easier way of digesting that sort of information.

To this end, Army Men Wargaming has created a YouTube Channel as a companion to this site. Our first video is one of a six-part series on creating wargaming terrain from broken toys. This particular project is a wrecked, rusted and overgrown jeep that will provide cover and block line-of-sight for our plastic troops, and this first video entails basic concepts for designing such a terrain piece.

More videos are sure to follow, so please like and subscribe to the channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCotZIdhHIViZlBF6GJZa2ig !