Review and free download: One Brain Cell Toy Soldier Rules

One of the best aspects of wargaming with army men is that players aren’t tied to a specific set of rules or line of miniature figures. There are literally dozens of rule sets suitable for army men battles available, all of which are inexpensive and most of which are free.

The One Brain Cell Toy Soldier Rules by Pete Kautz is a fine example of such a rule set (free download here). The entire document, including advanced rules, is only four pages long. Admittedly, it is a very simple system for a tabletop wargame, but that is this system’s greatest strength.


All you need to play are some army men, and a couple of six-sided dice. A tape measure is useful, but not strictly necessary, as are items that could serve as cover or terrain.

Army Building

A very simple point system is used to help ensure fairness (or unfairness, in the case of unequal forces). A few simple guidelines – like having a maximum of two special weapons in a single squad – helps keep units from becoming unrealistically overpowered.

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