Free Download: World War II Infantry Tactics

Interested in playing a World War II game, with Army Men or some other military miniatures? You may consider viewing Osprey’s World War II infantry Tactics. You can acces the file by clicking here.¬†While you are perusing files, we’d also like to suggest you visit our Free Downloads Page.

Small Unit Tactics: Fire and Maneuver

This graphic, courtesy of the Wikimedia Commons, illustrates a basic fire and maneuver assault.

Fire and Maneuver is a foundational small unit tactic. At its most basic, the tactic involves dividing a squad into a fire element and a maneuver element. In order to attack the enemy, the fire element (which typically includes a medium machine gun and its attendant ammunition carriers and barrel changers) discharges their weapons at the enemy, with the intent of fixing the enemy in position. Scenes in war movies where troops are “pinned down” by machine gun fire depict this portion of the tactic.

The fire element, then, forces the enemy to remain in place, and even more importantly, limits the enemy’s ability to fire back, as most enemies are hesitant to leave cover and return fire when machine gun bullets are whizzing overhead. While the enemy is keeping his head down, the manuever element makes extensive use of available cover to move toward the enemy position, with the intent of attacking from the flank or other unexpected direction. Continue reading “Small Unit Tactics: Fire and Maneuver”

Documentary: Urban Military Operations

Some of the doctrine presented in this CNN documentary may be outdated, as it references Sadam Hussein as currently being in power and references the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks as a recent event, placing its publication between 2001 and 2003. It is, however, highly informative about the evolution of U.S Army small unit tactics in urban terrain, and is well worth the viewing time.

Playing a WWII game? Check this field manual

This just added to the Free Downloads page: the U.S. Army Field Manual FM 7-5, Organization and Tactics of Infantry, the Rifle Battalion. Released in 1940, this manual outlined leadership, organization, equipment, and tactics for the American rifleman during the Second World War.

For folks playing wargames set during that period, this document provides rich detail about how U.S. troops functioned on the field, making it invaluable for creating scenarios.

Free Download: The Evolution of the U.S. Army Infantry Squad

Found this fascinating document while researching the history of small-unit tactics. It is a thorough overview of 50 years of U.S. Army infantry squad development, from 1945¬†through 1995. The text reviews the impact of increasingly lethal weapons, the resulting dispersal of troops on the battlefield, and how the squad’s composition was altered to allow greater flexibility to face a wider range of challenges. For a wargamer, it’s a great read. You can download the file here.