Downloads page added

Download_Camo_TransYou’ll notice that, in the navigation bar just above our site title, and in the navbar at right, a new downloads page has been added. That’s where we plan to place any media files that accompany our blog posts or YouTube videos. We’ve started things off with two single-sheet PDFs of alternate counters for Combat Storm, Second Edition, my primary rule set for 54mm army men gaming.

These tokens were made using Token Tool from RP Tools. Token Tool is a java-based application, and I used it to create one-inch diameter round tokens for the game, which I punched out with a one-inch scrapbooking hole punch and glued to 1 and 1/4 inch washers for durability.

The tokens aren’t exactly matches for those you download from the Combat Storm website after purchase. I altered the insignia for the People’s Coalition Front to depict crossed AK-47 assault rifles, I didn’t bother making military vehicle tokens (I use regular squad tokens instead), and I created a generic reload token instead of specifying light or heavy reload. Other than those changes, the tokens are the same.

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